Saturday, August 7, 2010

King Baldwin the IV- Making the finished costume

 And finally I am up to the present time , from here on the costume progress reports are in real time! Only 26 days left until the Con!

  Anyway ...

  I got all of the pieces cut out for the costume  ( it was scary time with the scissors). I cut everything out on my big dinning room table (after cleaning it a billion times and checking that the cats had gone into sleep mode ;)

 Yesterday I spent the day putting to together, and it surprised me at how little time it took. Doing the muslin took the scary out of the real thing.
  I've also spray painted the mask, which looks much better in silver and is growing on me now.

My posts from LJ yesterday
@ 2:27pm
The body of the King Baldwin costume is together and the hem ( the hem that takes for freakin' ever and ever) is sewn. I just need to do the collar, neck, and arms and I'm procrastinating on it, I didn't think it would sew up so quickly.

I've only really encountered one problem and that is the pleats in the back  seem  higher and larger in this fabric and thus  give the back a bit of a bustle look  ( I may be asking you if my costume makes me look fat ;))  I'm leaving it though 1) when I get a chance to do the over robe this will be covered, 2) it still looks better then having a flat back and 3) I'm hoping I can press it down a bit. I still need to do the coif and head dress (not sure how I'm going to do the head dress that's going to take some time and creativity)  

ooo I just need to do:
the neck line
add the buttons
Find a belt/ make a belt
and figure out the head dress (I have some ideas after playing around today)

and I am done with King Baldwin with time to spare! And even better  I like how it's come out, for once what was in my head is what I got.   I am proud. I still wish the mask where better, but nothing else has come up yet.  A few pictures for you:

 Me trying out the mask and headdress and Coif (which you can't really see) I'll try and get pictures later

The front back and collar.

 Hopefully I'll be finishing up the rest of it this week!  Next entry.

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  1. One of the best Baldwin costumes that I've seen online. Is the mask papier mache? How did you get it so symmetrical?