Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dragon*Con 2012

 I haven't been posting much about costumes this year, mostly because  everything I'm bringing are past costumes with updates or new elements. I'm still working out a schedule as to when I'll be wearing everything  But I can give you an up dates as to what I'm bringing and what has been changed.

Thursday Night: No idea yet, It'll depend on what Time I get to con and get my badge and stuff

 Friday day time is going to be Martin Crieff  from Cabin Pressure, but this year I'll have the rest of the Cabin Crew with me. I've got a new hat and a few new accessories this time around, (including a cheese tray)

Friday evening is going to be  Amy Pond  in her last costume for the show (unaired right now) for the Ryan's army and Amy Photo shoot. This costume is bought alternate pieces and a new wig.

Saturday Morning is the parade and I'll be wearing  the new Sharaz Jek suit, and I should be working on it right now rather then typing. The whole thing is new and a bit more Female this time around, I've made a much better mask  this year.

Saturday afternoon is going to be Watson, I'm thinking Christmas jumper for the costuming panel, might change again to season one Watson because of the heat of the Christmas jumper. I'll be going to the aquarium that night as well .

Sunday Morning  I'll be Richard Hammond for the Top Gear panel, I've got a May and Clarkson this time, but it's all the same stuff I wore for the BBC costume contest .

Sunday Afternoon: I'm not sure, there is a possibility of Phantom coming along but only if my new mask gets here in time.

I had planned to bring my Hunger Games costume too, but I've decided not to, I need to redo the pants and take in the shirt. Also it seems like everyone is doing a Hunger Games costume, I'll probably try and finish it so that i can wear it to school on our dress as your favorite character day.  

Also just a quick note, I had someone email me about my phantom costume and I assume it came from this blog, but I accidentally deleted the email, so if  it was you and you want to email me again please do.  I never seem to get notifications for this blog, at least not until I bother to look back at old posts and see that someone has  written here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Watson Christmas Jumper

Just a few pictures of  my Christmas jumper for Wear Sherlock,.  I'll be back with a proper post about it as well as my other current costume projects.  This first two pictures were taken with natural light on a cloudy day, the others two were indoors with flash on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Captain Martin Crieff

 This may have been one of the simpler costumes to put together and the least recognized but I think it was my favorite. For the uninitiated  this costume is from a BBC Radio 4 comedy called Cabin Pressure.  It is wonderfully funny and well written. I'm hoping next year I may have a few of the other characters to cosplay with. I didn't get to wear this one for long but I do plan on bringing it back for next years Dragon*Con.

 Most of this costume, the jacket, shirt and tie, came from the thrift store. I added the captains stripes to the sleeves. The hat was a great find on etsy, it's from WWII.  I tracked the blue ribbon on and found the pin on clearence at Michaels. The pants are from my phantom costume.The bear polar was the first Snowy for my Tintin costume but was never used.

Some of these pictures are from home when the costume hadn't been finished. I also had with me the aviator glasses and a Toblarone but I don't have any pictures of me with those items in hand.

The Impossible Astronaut

For Dragon*Con I ended up going with the first shirt I bought for the costume, mostly because it was cotton, but also I have lost enough weight that it looks much better now.  I really had a blast  doing the photo shoot with the other Amy's, I hope we do it again next year. These photo's where taken by Christa Newman.

Doctor John Watson compleated costume


Two Watsons
 I wore this costume more then any other at Dragon*Con this year I had such a blast being John with my fellow Sherlockien friends.  Really the only things that changed between Dragon*con and Time Gate  were the jumper and the wig.
The Pink Lady Crime scene

 I finished the jumper (although as soon as my wrist is mended I'll be redoing one of the sleeves) and I dyed and trimmed the wig. I'll be looking for a different wig for sure but it looked a bit less Draco Malfoy at least. I also need to find a new pair of jeans, these ones where comicly to large and nearly fell off a few times.

At The Sherlock Panel
   I really loved this costume and I'll be wearing it again for sure.

breaking the silence

 I am so sorry for the lack of posts before and after Dragon*Con. I don't have any excuses for before but my after one is pretty good. On the way home from the D*C I was in a car accident and broke my wrist, it's still not mended  but it's better now so I'll be updating this with some finished costumes and some of my plans for future ones.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Timegate costumes (Amy and Watson)

Wow it looks like people may actually be finding this little blog! Squee!  Of course it made me realize how bad some of my spelling is, I started to fix a few of the posts but noticed that  doing so made me lose the google buzz thingy so I decided to leave them alone. Have a good laugh at my expense, it's kind of like posting pictures of yourself  at a heavy-er weight ; it helps remind you why you don't want to go back to being that way. That said I'll be more careful about typo's and spelling in the future, and not just hit the post button before I head off to work :).

 TimeGate was so much fun especaily being Utah Amy.  Although seeing the pictures I'm rethinking that plaid shirt.  Because the material is  a  gauze if it's not in the right place it looks horrible and because it's a men's cut  it's not flattering at all (Hips get in the way ;) ).  I thought about buying another in a much larger size and tailoring it down but  I don't think the material would handle  deconstruction very well.

I ended up switching jeans , I had a pair of dark skinny jeans that I had bought last year at Kohls, so I pulled the leg up  to my knees. I liked the look much more then the first pair I bought.

 I wore John Watson for  only part of the day, not enough people there knew who he was and the costume is pretty hot so I ended up changing to Angels Amy for the rest of the day. Even so I look forward to being John at Dragon*Con. I'm not going to post the one picture I have the costume here though  I'll do that in the next post and go over  what needs changing and how I made the jacket . 

Next Amy Utah post

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